[VIDEO] How will Data Capturing Evolve in People Analytics?

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Last HR Tech World (now UNLEASH), we interviewed some of the leading experts in the field of people analytics. One of the questions we asked was: How will data capturing evolve in people analytics?

This is the first piece of a four-part video series. In this series, we spoke to different experts, including David Green, Luc Smeyers, Jouko van Aggelen and Tom Haak.

How will data capturing evolve in people analytics?

According to Jouko, data capturing at the beginning of the employee lifecycle is common and usually of decent quality. However, the further down the employee journey we go, the messier the data.

Laura notes that organizations are poor at capturing employee data – and I agree with her. By mapping the employee lifecycle and attaching different data capturing points along the way we will be very effective at capturing data.

According to Luk, this creates a lot more opportunities. In addition, he sees HR technology as a great way to support this data capture effort.

This is what they said when I asked them the question at UNLEASH.

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