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Every HR Professional should feel confident that they have the skills to succeed now and in the future.

Having access to AIHR enables members to grow in their careers by continuously expanding their skill set with in-demand HR skills and bringing these into their job.

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If new information isn’t applied, we’ll forget about 75% of it after just six days (forgetting curve).

With the Tell-Show-Do-Apply methodology at the core of our HR training courses, learning experiences are designed to retain knowledge and maximum learning impact.

Learning journeys naturally flow from building knowledge through video lessons (tell + show) to practicing its application and building skill with hands-on exercises and assignments (do + apply).

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What AIHR members get

100% Online & engaging

All our training courses are 100% online and self-paced so that you can learn on your own time. No fixed class-schedules.

Everything is designed to be engaging, in-depth, and highly practical to help learners bring their skills into practice and boost their impact immediately.

Hands-on labs

Each case study and assignment places learners into specific scenarios that help apply previous learnings in a simulated scenario.

By completing the labs, learners get comfortable applying their skills in real-world scenarios and are enabled to transfer learning into their job.

Resource Libraries

Playbooks, templates, and step-by-step guides provide on-the-job support and make our members (working) life’s easier by saving them significant time.

Personal coach

It is our coaches’ mission to help members reach their learning goals and ultimately become successful in their careers.

A coach is assigned to each full access member and will be there to assist in any way they can.

Community & live events

The community is at the heart of the AIHR portal and allows members to tap into the collective intelligence of 25,000+ ambitious HR Professionals from all over the world. Join thought-provoking discussion, gather best practices, and share your ideas.

Weekly live events help members stay up-to-date with the latest trend and innovations in HR.

Accredited education

AIHR has partnerships with many of the world’s largest HR associations and accreditation institutes, such as the HRCI, SHRM, HRPA, and many other local HR organizations.

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Skill assessments

How future-proof is your skill set? What skills are underdeveloped or missing? And how do they stack up against those of peers? Assessments help find the answers!

For teams, assessments save valuable time by providing a comprehensive understanding of the level and clustering of HR skills across the team and organization.

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Custom learning paths

One-size-fits-all doesn’t exist when it comes to HR upskilling.

No matter the needs, there’s a learning path for it at AIHR. For teams, we ensure that learning scales across the organization by creating learning paths based on personas that group people with similar skill/competency profiles.

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Blended learning

Cohort-based blended learning enables teams of 25+ to build skills quickly and get results faster.

Live learning sessions are added at specific learning milestones to keep teams on track with their learning goal. All facilitated by AIHR’s expert learning specialists.

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HR bootcamps

Bootcamps are highly targeted skill-building initiatives that focus on developing one of two specific skills in a short timeframe and with relatively immediate results and impact.

To keep everyone on track and add an extra layer of engagement, bootcamps are always combined with live learning sessions and ‘demo days’.

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