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At the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), it is our mission to make HR future-proof by offering world-class, online education programs available anywhere, anytime.

Any HR professional who is committed to life-long learning can expand their skill set with relevant and in-demand skills. AIHR is the place to learn the skills you need to advance your career and secure a job at the forefront of HR.

Our students

A global community of HR professionals.

AIHR students form a community of HR professionals dedicated to developing in-demand skills, advancing their career, and making HR future-proof.

We help our students reach their goals with specialized online courses that go beyond video lessons and assignments. Our learning portal connects students from all over the world to solve real-life problems together and share best practices.

We are proud that our students rate us with a net promoter score of 8.9 (out of 10) and that in 2018 alone, over 2,000 students obtained one – and often more – AIHR Academy certificates. Get inspired by their success stories.

Knowledge sharing

Through the AIHR Analytics and AIHR Digital blogs, we facilitate the free sharing of knowledge, best practices, and success stories across a global audience of 2,500,000 HR Professionals.

HR Analytics

HR Analytics is about leveraging the power of data to make decisions that drive better outcomes for both your organization and its employees. AIHR Analytics is the leading blog on people analytics/HR analytics.

Digital HR

The world around us is changing and technology makes managing Human Resources both easier and more complex. Through the AIHR Digital blog, we keep you up-to-date with everything digital in HR

Our people

We are the AIHR team, nice to meet you!

At AIHR, we combine strong subject matter knowledge with technologies to help our students succeed. A craving for pushing beyond conventional boundaries and trying new stuff is what we all have in common.

Together with our instructors, we’re committed to future-proofing HR and helping you develop the skills you need to advance your career and secure a job at the forefront of this.

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Erik van Vulpen


Nando Steenhuis


Sara Topolovec

Product Manager

Huy Trinh

Head of Design & UX

Robin Leuci

Video Editing Specialist

Larissa Farias Lima

E-Learning Developer

Simona Iancu

Marketing Manager

Nastasia Luca

Digital Marketing Associate

Manouk Fransen

Growth Hacker

Vincent Cohen

Sales Director

Marijn Verdult

Head of Business Development

Paola Holbrook

Customer Success Specialist

Larissa Meiglin

Customer Success Specialist

Neal Travis

Customer Success Specialist

Lennart Dany

Business Development Representative

Feroze Ahmed


Andrew Spence


Mark Lawrence


Alyssa Ruff


David Creelman


Bastiaan Stokkel


Michal Gradshtein


Eduardo Valencia


John Lipinski


Lyndon Sundmark


Rene Klep


Sam Hill


Dave Millner


Ben Whitter


Paul Walker


Rob van Dijk


Raymond Hannes


Barry Flack


Paul Van Der Laken


Our story

A passion for knowledge sharing.

In 2016, Nando Steenhuis and Erik van Vulpen started a niche HR consulting practice. Their focus was on helping corporate HR departments to innovate and implement the latest technological solutions.

They quickly ran into an overwhelming lack of ‘digital skills’ and data-driven mindset, which in most cases prevented HR from adopting new technologies and taking a more strategic role.

By sharing their own experiences online, Erik and Nando wanted to create a ripple effect and address the knowledge-gap. The Analytics in HR blog (now AIHR Analytics) provided readers with case studies and the practical insights needed to start developing HR analytics capabilities within their organizations.

Because of the tremendous need for digital skills, they decided to focus exclusively on future-proofing HR through up-skilling HR professionals. The first online HR analytics course was launched in March 2017. In April 2019, the world’s first online Digital HR Certificate Program was kicked off.

As the team and course-offering continue to grow, Erik and Nando keep engaging with their readership to ensure that they stay focused on creating relevant courses that will help students succeed in their – current and future – jobs.

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