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Develop T-Shaped HR Professionals

With increased digitalization and automation, upskilling is a must for anyone working in human resources. But which skills should you learn?

To remain relevant, HR Professionals need to develop T-Shaped competency profiles. This means becoming fluent in four essential HR competencies and a world-class specialist in at least one functional domain of HR.

The AIHR 2025 Competency Framework provides the blueprint for the competencies T-Shaped HR Professionals need.

Build competencies

Competence is built through three components: knowledge, skills, and experience. Only if all three components are present, you will start developing competencies.

Knowledge is what you know, and taught through video lessons and quizzes.

Skills are what you do, and developed by working on real-world projects and case studies.

Expertise is gained by putting newly acquired skills to work in your job and daily work activities.

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Start enabling your HR teams by giving them access to modern and relevant HR skills. Companies using AIHR, achieve completion rates 4X higher than tradition training.

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Self-paced online training for every HR role

At the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), we help HR professionals develop modern and relevant skills using interactive and hands-on training.

By collaborating with leading practitioners we have developed a curriculum that covers the entire HR spectrum, including key new areas such as Digital HR, People Analytics, Diversity & Inclusion, and Employee Experience.

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