Top 5 Trending HR analytics Articles of January 2018

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Top 5 Trending HR analytics Articles of January 2018

Welcome to the second edition of our ‘Most Trending Articles’ of 2018! Here at Analytics in HR, we hope you’ve had a great start of 2018 and are ready to continue on your HR Analytics journey. Here are the top 5 articles we enjoyed reading the most last month.

#5 The role of the People Analytics leader – Part 1: Building Capability.

Coming in at #5, we have an excellent article written by David Green. In his article he talks about the role of the People Analytics leader within his/her organization. He talks with Arun Chidambaram, recognized as one of the leading authorities in the field of People Analytics and well-known speaker.

In his article, David Green covers topics such as:

  • Skills needed in a People Analytics team
  • Traditional vs innovative projects
  • The evolvement of the structure of the team over time
  • Key milestones in the building of a firm foundation for people analytics
  • 5-step research methodology
  • Challenges when building organizational capability

His article is filled to the brim with knowledge and first-hand experience about the role of a truly successful people analytics leader. This is only part 1 of this series, so stay tuned for part 2, which should be published in February!

Read the rest of his article here.

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#4: Introduction to Cultural Analytics, its implications and use cases

At our #4 spot, we have an article written by Soumyasanto Sen about Cultural Analytics. It was recently featured on our blog, but we loved it so much we wanted to highlight it again!

Culture is a big topic in the world of HR. Whether you’re a small firm growing rapidly, or a big corporation who just acquired another firm, culture (and the loss of it) is on everyone’s mind.

According to Deloitte, 86% of executives surveyed around the world rate culture as “very important” or “important. However, only 12% of executives believe they are driving the “right culture”. This showcases the mystery and difficulties HR professionals/managers have in grasping their company’s culture.

In order to keep a grasp on your company’s culture, Soumyasanto Sen talks about Cultural Analytics and how it can benefit your company.

If you’re at all interested in corporate culture, this is a great read! Read the article about cultural analytics.

#3 Practical Use of a Predictive Analytics approach to develop a model of employee engagement.

Predictive Analytics is a set of analyses that most HR professionals want to incorporate more of into their work.  It is not so much about predicting the future, as it is about minimizing surprise.

It can be a valuable asset to any HR professional’s toolkit, but unfortunately, there’s hasn’t been a lot of case studies on this topic.

Jose Luis Chavez Vasquez, however, shares a simple, but practical example of the application of Predictive Analytics. In his case study, he analysed the engagement level of a team of engineers, who developed a unique skillset and could thus not be replaced in the market.

In order to use predictive analytics, he looked at several variables that could influence their engagement. This would, in turn, benefit retention levels of this team of engineers.

Read the rest of his insightful article here.

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#2: 75+ Conferences on People Analytics & Data-Driven HR to attend in 2018

We’re featuring David Green not once, but twice this month! Two years ago, David Green made an article featuring all the people analytic conferences around the world that he could find. That year, he found 24 conferences.

Fast forward two years and the field of People Analytics has experienced a tremendous growth. In his latest list of people analytics conferences, he found a staggering 75 conferences around the world.

No matter where you are in the world, from Sydney to San Francisco and from New York to Hamburg, there’s bound to be a people analytics conference coming near you in 2018.

Looking for a conference to join this year? Take a look at David’s list here.

#1: Talent Management Special Report

For our #1 spot this month, we have great piece on talent management in this special report by Raconteur. This report is filled to the brim with knowledge and easy to grasp infographics on talent management and people analytics.

It’s well made and we highly recommend reading it, especially the articles on HR Analytics by Josh Bersin (p. 15) and Andre Robberts (p.8).

Read the full piece here.

That’s it for this month. As always, I hope you enjoyed the articles and I hope to see you next month! If you want to learn more about analytics, do check out our HR Analytics Academy.


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