79% of HR Professionals Aren’t Prepared for the Post-Pandemic Economy, AIHR Research Finds

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79% of HR Professionals Aren’t Prepared for the Post-Pandemic Economy, AIHR Research Finds

Only 21% of professionals have sufficient knowledge in the core HR competencies required to be future-ready, according to new research published by AIHR.

Only 41% of HR professionals are able to improve efficiency and drive business value using technology and data, while just 45% have a solid understanding of their business.

The study assessed 5,648 HR practitioners on critical competencies for HR. Participants self-assessed their competency levels on future-proof skills: data literacy, technological skills, business acumen, and people advocacy. They did this by rating themselves on 32 behavioral scales, such as “I leverage data analysis to make better day-to-day decisions” and “I don’t speak the language of the business.”

The research revealed that only 21% of HR professionals have all four competencies. While 63.8% demonstrated strong competency in people advocacy, the other three competencies were much rarer. 

  • Analytics and digital skills are the least common. 59% of HR professionals are falling behind more tech-savvy and data-driven colleagues in terms of efficiency and impact.
  • Half of HR professionals are not aligned with their business’ objectives. 45% lack the business acumen required to help the company achieve its mission and goals. 
  • 70% of HR professionals from Manager and below possess 2 or fewer competencies. This is opposed to more senior professionals, where this is only 42%.

View the study results here

With businesses facing both ongoing challenges such as automation and new developments including the shift toward remote work, HR professionals require an expanded set of competencies to ensure the continued success of their organizations. 

“After training thousands of HR professionals and working with companies ranging from Fortune 500 businesses to SMEs, we have identified four core competencies that HR professionals need in order to become future-proof,” says Erik van Vulpen, founder of AIHR. “They are key for practitioners who want to make a real impact on the business.” 

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