The HR Generalist in a Nutshell

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Usually, an HR Generalist is the first human resources hire a company makes. As the job title suggests, this is a person with a wide range of responsibilities instead of a specialized line of work. As such, the HR generalist covers most of the HR functions, including hiring, compensation and benefits, HR administration, and other tasks.

Responsibilities an HR generalist could have include:

  • recruiting;
  • benefits administration;
  • absence administration;
  • employee relations;
  • HR business partners;
  • technical/ analytics role.

T-Shaped HR generalists

HR Generalists typically have a T-Shaped skills profile, meaning that on top of being an expert in at least one functional HR competency, they are a generalist in many other core-HR competencies. Having such an all-round skill set makes them versatile and enables them to strategize and execute a wide array of HR activities,


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