Neelie Verlinden is the host of the popular All About HR talk-show/podcast and co-founder of AIHR, the Academy to Innovate HR. She’s an expert on all things digital in HR and has written hundreds of articles on innovative HR practices. She's also an instructor on several popular HR certifications. Connect with Neelie via LinkedIn.

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People Development: An Essential Guide for HR

People development is key to retaining your workforce and boosting business performance. How can you as an HR professional create an effective people development strategy for your organization? Let’s find out.  ContentsWhat is people development?Examples of people development7 Tips for an effective people development strategy  What is people development? The term people development encompasses all…

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40 HR Conferences to Attend in 2023

HR conferences remain a great way to speak with industry experts, listen to inspiring talks held by passionate people, and, perhaps most importantly, connect with your peers. After an (involuntary) shift from in-person to virtual HR conferences due to the pandemic-related restrictions, there now seems to be a good balance between live, online, and hybrid…