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The Psychology of People Analytics

The Psychology of People Analytics

The attention to people analytics has increased enormously over the last few years. Many organizations have established people analytics teams, and several promising start-ups have developed software that can help HR with people analytics. The assumption is that if we have access to the right data, if we have the right analysis tools and clever…

The People Analytics Cycle

HR analytics is exciting and offers great opportunities. Unfortunately, not all projects are successful, and a common reason for this is a lack of a structured approach towards analytics. The people analytics process cycle solves this. The people analytics process can be divided in five sequential steps. Every organization should take these steps in order…

HR analytics and Social network analysis by André Vermeij

Network Analytics on HR Data: A Practical Perspective and 3 Case Studies

Have you always wanted to measure collaboration within your company and improve your decision-making accordingly? Network analytics can guide you on your way. This post includes 3 case studies and a fully interactive visualization to get you started. Internal and external communication and collaboration within and between organisations have traditionally been hard to measure. Interestingly,…