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As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, you have access to more tools and data than ever before. You can use these to win the war for talent — but only if you have the right skills. With our online recruiter training and certifications, you will become a recruiter who makes the right hire every time, now and in the future.

Whether you are an experienced recruiter looking to stay ahead with the latest skills, or new to the field of talent acquisition and wondering how to become a successful recruiter, we have the training for you!

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Our recruitment trainings help you develop the knowledge and skills to become a modern and data-driven talent acquisition specialist. All training is 100% digital, and are composed of bite-sized, pre-recorded lessons. That means you can learn at your own pace — we know recruiters are busy enough as it is.

We are here to help you hit your professional goals and become a successful recruiter. That’s why we have designed our talent acquisition courses to be both comprehensive and practical. In addition to the lessons, our recruitment trainings include many practical assignment and real-world examples. This way, you can apply with confidence for even the most desired talent acquisition jobs.

AIHR is the leading institution for professional development courses in the human resources domain. Our training courses are created in a global context, and attended by HR Professionals and recruiters from over 100 countries. Completing a recruiter training with AIHR means expanding your skill set with in-demand recruitment skills and getting ready to land your next talent acquisition job or promotion.

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