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Leverage the power of HR data

What is HR Analytics?

HR Analytics Certificate

People Analytics
certification program

Become a People Analytics Specialist and claim your seat at the strategy table by leveraging the power of HR data. Develop a full HR analytics skillset to drive data-driven decision-making throughout HR.


Data-driven business Impact

Analytics implementation

Basic Statistics

Self-service dashboards

HR Metrics on Dashboard

HR Metrics & Reporting
certification program

As an HR Metrics and Dashboarding Specialist, you’ll have a full skillset that will enable you to implement essential HR metrics and automate their reporting through beautiful HR dashboards.


HR metrics

Data visualization

Interactive dashboards

Strategic workforce planning

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HR dashboard icon

HR Data Analyst
online training course

Unlock the full potential of your organization's HR data by becoming an HR Data Analyst and learning practical data analysis skills.


Master popular tools

Strategic workforce planning

Interactive dashboards

ROI calculation

Human Resources Metrics icon

Strategic HR Metrics
online training course

Data-driven HR can only be effective if it's based on the right human resources metrics. Learn to create, implement, and align HR Metrics with the business strategy.


Strategic Business Alignment

Creating HR Metrics

HR Metrics implementation

HR Scorecard & Benchmarking

HR Leader with flag icon

HR Analytics Leader
online training course

As the HR Analytics Leader, you are heading the implementation of data-driven HR practices throughout your organization by becoming the link between HR and the business.


Leading with data

Impact analytics

Analytics business case

Stakeholder management

HR Data visualization icon

HR Data Visualization
online training course

Learn the core principles and techniques of data visualization, so that you can create compelling, impactful, and engaging data visualization that tell the story for you.


Master data visualization skills

Drive action with data

Storytelling with data

Design compelling dashboards

Statistics in Human Resources icon

Statistics in HR
online training course

Start testing your hypotheses using statistically valid methods. This course teaches you essential statistical knowledge and helps you develop an understanding of key concepts like probability and significance.


Sampling & Probability

Applying Statistical Tests

Statistical Significance

Structural Equation Modelling

Data science icon

HR Data Science in R
online training course

Learn how to use R to improve your HR analytics time-to-value. This course combines in-depth lessons with realistic cases to develop skills you can immediately apply in your work.


Advanced data analytics

Data management

Create powerful visualizations

Practical HR cases

HR Data integrity icon

Global Data Integrity
online training course

Impactful and effective reports and dashboards depend on high-quality data. Create a culture of global data integrity and ensure data quality doesn't stand in the way of your People Analytics success.


Assess data quality

Privacy and compliance

Sustainable data improvements

Culture of data integrity

Natural Language Processing icon

Natural Language Processing
online training course

Make the most of all your people data. Learn how to analyze unstructured data such as surveys and performance reviews into valuable insights in minutes with Natural Language Processing.


NLP for HR

Voice of the Employee

HR chatbot

Machine learning

What is HR Analytics?

HR analytics (also known as people or workforce analytics) is an increasingly important topic within human resources. People analytics is about using HR data to drive better decisions based on data, not gut feeling, creating a competitive advantage for your organization.

HR analytics empowers you to reveal impactful insights from your people data and create insightful HR data dashboards, visualizing key HR KPIs that can help create better business outcomes.

If you want a career in HR analytics but don't feel confident about your data skills, AIHR can help. We offer a variety of online training courses that combine analytical theory and practical skills that lets you put your new knowledge into practice straight away.

Our online certificate programs, courses and trainings provide a practical and proven path to a career as an HR analytics specialist, HR data analyst, HR data scientist, HR analytics lead, and countless other roles at the forefront of human resources' digital transformation.