The Selection Process – A Practical Guide

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AIHR Learning Bite: The Selection Process – A Practical Guide

A good selection process is key in finding talent, and it forms the backbone for effective performance management.
Some of the best practices for designing a process that will help you find the best candidates are the following:

  1. The application;
  2. The screening & pre-selection;
  3. The job interview;
  4. The assessment;
  5. The references and background check;
  6. The hiring decision;
  7. The job offer and contract.

There are several important metrics that should be tracked during the selection process in order to keep improving and optimizing your selection funnel. Think for instance of:

  • Time to fill;
  • 90-day attrition;
  • Candidate experience and;
  • Quality of hire.

Find out more in our practical guide on the selection process.

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