HR Competencies for 2025: A Future Standard

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Does your HR team have the skill set to be relevant in 2025? In this video, Erik van Vulpen, founder of AIHR and a leader in HR upskilling, Digital HR & HR Innovation discusses the competencies HR Professionals need to be more effective in their job and drive the business forward.

Erik zooms in on the T-Shaped HR Professional framework, consisting of core & functional capabilities needed for individuals and organizations to succeed in the future.

In this webinar:

  • HR Core Competency Framework & the T-Shaped HR Professional
  • How to implement the competency model into your organization to
    increase individual, team, and company performance
  • Why this competency framework is relevant
  • How to get started

Why are T-Shaped HR people so needed?

  • 84% of companies plan to accelerate the digitization of work processes
  • 50% of companies plan to accelerate the automation of tasks
  • 60% of employees think their skills will be outdated in 3-5 years


Click here to find the HR Competency Model Template.

Click here to find the HR 2025 Competency Framework.

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