How to Use Technology to Improve Candidate Experience

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Technology is not replacing recruiters, nor will that happen in the future. It simply enables a more efficient and streamlined process, improving candidates’ experience, and enhancing hiring managers’ satisfaction.

Ehab Abdel Hafez, Head of Talent Acquisition at J&J (previously at PepsiCo), shares his insights on talent acquisition in the digital age and the role of technology in enabling recruiters to become talent advisors. 

If you are not providing a stellar candidate journey, there is someone else who is. In this interview, Ehab explains: 

  • Why candidate experience is important, and how PepsiCo manages it
  • How digital enables a better candidate journey
  • How to lead digital transformation in the talent acquisition space

Watch this interview to find out more about Talent Acquisition in the digital age and how to make technology your friend throughout the entire candidate journey.


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