The Role of Video in Internal Communications [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The Role of Video in Internal Communications [INFOGRAPHIC]

Although many organizations have an internal communications team (or person), this isn’t always the case. And when it isn’t, internal communications tend to become a task for HR.

But even when there is a dedicated internal comms team, they usually work closely together with HR – or at least they should! – when it comes to creating and implementing an effective internal communications strategy. So one way or another, HR is involved in the way your organization communicates about changes across the company, event updates, business successes, and company objectives.

It’s no secret that video is an increasingly popular tool for organizations and HR; it’s being used in recruitment (think of video interviews, realistic job previews, and situational judgment tests, for example), during the onboarding process, in learning and development programs, etc.

Using video in the work environment makes sense from a job seeker and employee perspective too since they are used to watching videos of all sorts and on all kinds of topics on their phones and other electronic devices. As such, they’ll expect their employer to integrate videos in various internal processes, internal communications included.

And, the proverbial cherry on the video cake, it turns out that employees are likely to retain 95% of a message when it’s delivered to them in the form of a video.

So, are you wondering now how your organization can effectively integrate video into its internal communications strategy and enhance employee relations?

The infographic below lists some interesting benefits of using video for internal communications. It also provides you with a couple of practical tips on how to create effective, engaging videos and it shows you the types of videos you can use. Have a look at the different options and use the inspiration to create your own fun comms videos!

The Role of Video In Internal Communications- Infographic

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