HR Trends Report 2023

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Explore the HR trends that will shape the world of work in 2023 and beyond.

HR Trends Report 2023

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HR Trends Report 2023

We are facing an unprecedented shift in employee expectations. And 2023 is the year for HR to reposition the function’s value proposition. 

In this report, Founder of AIHR Erik van Vulpen and OD thought leader Dieter Veldsman outline how HR is uniquely positioned to help businesses step up to the plate in 2023. 

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Employee expectations have changed  

The playing field has shifted. 

The pandemic has sped up digital transformation by four years. Employees trust their organizations more than governments and NGOs. And employees expect their organizations to have a higher purpose. 

2023 is HR’s opportunity to change how the function adds value and help businesses thrive in 2023 and beyond. 

To do this, HR needs to have a clear understanding of the trends shaping the future of Human Resources in 2023. 

11 HR Trends in 2023 and beyond 

Discover the 11 HR Trends shaping the future of work and guide your organization through this post-pandemic reality, including:

  • A focus on total wellbeing
    HR will help organizations tackle the looming burnout crisis by switching from a reactive to a proactive approach aimed at maintaining wellbeing & building resilience — also in HR itself. 
  • The evolving role of the CHRO 
    The CHRO will become part of the C-suite inner circle, acting as a trusted advisor to the CEO alongside the CFO and COO. 
  • The rise of algorithmic HR 
    HR needs to be aware of the dark side of management technology and take ownership of algorithmic management to ensure a fair, transparent, and efficient process. 

The full report discusses the 11 key HR trends for 2023 and what HR can do to step up and take charge during this pivotal shift. Receive a PDF copy of this HR Trends Report 2023 via email by simply filling out the form above.

HR Trends Report 2023

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HR Trends Report 2023

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