Future-Proofing your HR Team [Podcast]

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Future-Proofing your HR Team [Podcast]

Future-Proofing your HR Team | Erik van Vulpen

In this podcast, Erik van Vulpen, founder of AIHR, speaks with HRchat about how the role of Human Resources is changing and why organizations need to upskill their HR teams.

Erik touches upon the skills HR Professionals need to stay relevant and future-proof their careers. He dives deeper into the existing skills gap and the global need for upskilling.

HR professionals need to be aware of the technology that is being developed and the ways it could be integrated into their practices to become more efficient and to help the business move forward.

In this podcast, Erik discusses:

  • What skills do HR professionals need to stay relevant
  • Potential threats and possibilities in the HR sector
  • Upskilling the HRBP population
  • Examples of companies using this new skillset enabling their HR teams to make an impact


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