Andrea Boatman is a former SHRM certified HR manager with a degree in English who now enjoys combining the two as an HR writer. Her previous positions were held with employers in the education, healthcare, and pension consulting industries.

Wellness Incentives Featured Image

Wellness Incentives: How to Create Impactful Programs

Offering wellness incentives helps employers meet the needs and expectations of the modern workforce. Furthermore, promoting sound mental and physical health creates a culture of well-being that inspires employee engagement and productivity. Let’s look at how HR can develop wellness incentives for employees that make a difference.  ContentsWhat is a wellness incentive?Why should HR consider…

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HR’s Strategic Role in Organizational Culture Change

Culture change in the workplace is unavoidable and is typically a continuous change. The frequency of emerging technologies, as well as fluid economic conditions, employee expectations, government regulations, and social influences, means businesses must consistently reassess their priorities.  HR professionals need to stay on top of organizational culture change to help their companies remain competitive. This…

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A Guide To The 4 Types of HR Analytics

HR analytics helps HR professionals and their organizations to improve decision-making through data. It also offers HR practitioners the ability to contribute strategically by providing meaningful insights and contributing more effectively to the business’s bottom line.  There are 4 types of HR analytics methods that HR professionals can use, namely, descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive…