Andrea Boatman is a former SHRM certified HR manager with a degree in English who now enjoys combining the two as an HR writer. Her previous positions were held with employers in the education, healthcare, and pension consulting industries.

How to Hire, Develop & Retain High-Potential Employees Featured Image

8 Tips to Hire, Develop, and Retain High-Potential Employees

High-potential employees have the aptitude to become the future leaders of your organization. However, many businesses struggle to identify, develop, and retain such employees. Here’s all you need to know about high-potential employees. ContentsWhat are high-potential employees?Characteristics of high-potential employeesHigh potentials vs. high performersWhy should you identify your high-potential employees?How to hire, identify, develop, and…

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People Analytics Strategy: 9 Tips for Smooth Implementation

Having a people analytics strategy enables your HR and/or people analytics teams to approach workforce issues in a proactive way and manage resources effectively. Let’s look at how to build a people analytics strategy with real business impact! ContentsWhat is people analytics?Why you need a people analytics strategyHow to start building a people analytics strategy…

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HR’s Guide to Digital Change Management

Technological advancements are increasingly altering the ways businesses and their employees work. Organizations focusing on continuous improvement will embrace this progress to stay competitive and boost productivity. However, they must manage the digital changes skillfully. Let’s have a look at digital change management and how HR can drive it. ContentsWhat is digital change management?What are…