30 AI-driven Tools to Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Process

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30 AI-driven Tools to Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Process

Talent Acquisition is a crucial function of Human Resource Management and recently it has witnessed many advancements thanks to technological developments, especially in Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this article, we’ll give an overview of 30 AI-driven tools that can help you optimize the different stages of the talent acquisition process.

Glancing through the recruiting life cycle and AI use cases
AI-driven Tools for Job Posting and Candidate Sourcing
AI-driven Tools for Candidate Screening
AI-driven Tools for Candidate Assessment
AI-driven Tools for the Interview Process
AI-driven Tools for the Offer and Onboarding Process

Glancing through the recruiting life cycle and AI use cases

As you can see in the image below, applications of AI can be found in every stage of the recruiting life cycle and hence the talent acquisition process. In the following paragraphs, we’ll highlight a selection of AI-driven tools for sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding.

Glancing through the recruiting life cycle and AI used cases

AI-driven Tools for Job Postings and Candidate Sourcing

candidate sourcing

Job Ad Postings

AI can help us to reduce biased input/language in our job descriptions.  Sometimes we might not realize the verbatim that we are using in job descriptions and whether or not it is appealing to potential candidates or biased towards a specific gender. A phrase like “We are looking for Design Super Heroes, for example, does not appeal to female jobseekers.

Textio is a tool that helps recruiters improve the content of their postings. Their product has shown that small tweaks in the language can make a big difference in response rates and the quality of applicants that apply. It uses, among other things, specific Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Analytics techniques. A wide range of organizations already uses Textio, varying from top FMCG companies to IT firms and everything in-between.

Candidate Sourcing

Sourcing the right candidate, at the right time, at the right cost is the phrase all recruiting teams are aware of. And given the number of different sourcing channels, it is important for every recruiter to source in the right place. Luckily, there are various integrated web search methodologies that can help them with their sourcing efforts. Additionally, identifying passive candidates and engaging them can also become a possibility.

Entelo allows recruiters to source candidates from different groups based on, for instance, gender, ethnicity, and veteran status. Their solution uses predictive analytics and NLP and is particularly handy to recruit passive talent. Additional features include a job posting option, allowing candidates to apply within the software, or on the company’s website. Some of the world’s most recognized brands like Lyft, PayPal, and Target use Entelo to build their teams.

Hiretual is an AI-powered candidate sourcing and engagement solution that helps companies find the best talents faster. The company has an impressive AI engine that stores data on relationships, i.e. people and places. It also offers the world’s first Healthcare AI solution to help organizations find, indeed, healthcare professionals.

Beamery is a candidate relationship management system that uses machine learning to enable proactive recruitment and build a talent pool. The system uses predictive analytics and Natural Language Processing and analyses interactions between candidates and employers to identify candidates to target and to help recruiters to build relationships with them.

Arya enables corporate recruiters, staffing firms, and RPOs (Recruitment Process Outsourcing firms) of all sizes to source smarter, as they put it. The AI-powered tool allows companies to source top-tier talent from more than 50 professional social channels simultaneously while also enabling recruiters to engage better with candidates.

Talemetry is an enterprise recruitment marketing platform with a Source and CRM (candidate relationship management) module that gives companies modern recruitment tools to automate their attraction and sourcing capabilities. As such, the software creates a centralized database fit for local execution and able to instantly locate talent.

Hireabby can be used as a sourcing tool that combines real conversations, resume data, and 200+ public sources to convert the best applicants to a prospective company. It identifies, screens, and engages candidates through the use of its machine learning algorithm.

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Hiredscore helps companies hire, among other things. Its proprietary AI for talent acquisition offers clients customized algorithms for their candidate prioritization and sourcing automation across different talent types; external, internal, active, passive, hourly and contingent. HiredScore’s AI for hiring is powered by proprietary and in-house data science and machine learning techniques that proactively mitigate bias and understand cross-industry job and candidate types.

AI-driven Tools for Candidate Screening

candidate screening

Once we have a good set of resumes, the next logical step is to screen them and move forward prioritizing resumes. This is often being done by a resume parsing tool, using Natural Language Processing, deep learning, and machine learning to screen resumes contextually. These kinds of tools can also match and rank candidates to help recruiters with their shortlisting.

Pomato helps in matching skills and shortlisting resumes. Their solution uses machine learning and pattern recognition techniques. Their matching engine uses contextual analysis and matches candidate profiles based on the required skills, roles, expertise level, and then candidates are ranked according to their scores for the particular job.

Ceipal provides AI-driven recruitment software and specializes in resume parsing and social media integration that helps in parsing the resumes from the available set.

CVVIZ also is a recruitment software vendor that uses AI. Their resume screening software goes beyond simple keyword matching as it screens resumes contextually, learning from your hiring process to identify the best candidates.

IDEAL is an AI-driven talent screening and matching system that aims to help enterprise teams make more accurate, fair, and efficient talent decisions. Their tool is able to instantly screen and shortlist thousands of candidates, in real-time, and very accurately.

Textkernel distinguishes itself by emphasizing the fact that it’s a multilingual resume parsing tool available for 18+ languages. Their software uses advanced AI and machine learning techniques to automatically turn every resume – and every social media profile – into a complete and searchable candidate record.

Mosaictrack helps companies to source, screen, and rediscover as they put it. Their artificial intelligence technology is able to identify the subtle differences in their own aggregated profiles or the resumes in their client’s ATS to find the best candidates for a specific job opening. All without the need for questionnaires or historical data.

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AI-driven Tools for Candidate Assessment

Candidate Assessment

More and more companies use (pre-employment) assessment tools to compare the critical competencies of their candidates helping them to find the best person-job and person-organization fit. These tools come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from chatbots, personality and skill assessments to culture fit, social skills, and beyond.

Chatbots: Mya, Olivia, and Jobpal are examples of some of the finest chatbots which are built using NLP and machine learning. They can strike a conversation with candidates and perform candidate screening. An interesting fact is that for a pre-existing candidate database, a text-based chatbot can initiate a message trail with passive candidates to know their interest in job openings. Interested candidates can be pre-screened using basic or advanced screening questions.

These chatbots can also play a role in improving the candidate experience throughout the hiring process, by keeping the candidate posted with regular updates.

HackerRank is a technology hiring platform that is the standard for assessing developer skills. The platform is used by over 1000 companies around the world and enables tech recruiters and hiring managers to objectively evaluate talent at every stage of the recruiting process. One of the things that is unique about HackerRank is the fact that every 8 seconds someone around the world will complete one of the assessments on the platform.

Harver builds AI-powered pre-employment assessment software that’s used by some of the world’s most successful brands. Its proprietary AI algorithm uses data and science to help you predict the quality of hire by measuring a candidate’s aptitude, culture fit, soft skills, and ability to succeed throughout their career. The technology provides fully customizable hiring experiences with a wide array of assessment types.

Kandio is a faster and cheaper way to screen candidates with online assessment tests from a growing library of topics. It uses machine learning algorithms and integrates with platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. The platform can be customized for specific technologies or domains.

McQuaig has helped organizations take the cost of uncertainty and bias out of the hiring process for over 50 years. Their platform is leveraged in more than 30 countries around the world and their pre-hire assessments predict both a candidate’s chances of success within a role and within the culture of an organization. Its tools are backed by decades of research and experience.   

Interview Mocha provides online assessment software for pre-employment skill testing. It specializes in online skill assessment testing, multi-competency assessments.

For an extensive overview, check out our top 40 pre-employment assessment tools.

AI-driven Tools for the Interview Process

interview process

The interview process plays an integral part in the talent acquisition process. It’s a trending topic and companies are busy doing a lot of competitor intelligence research to ensure that they are ahead or perceived as being ahead of the competition with a topnotch interview process. We all understand that we have to provide a great candidate experience, even to those who may not reach the finish line, as we all know that candidates can be future employees, future customers, future shareholders, or ambassadors for the experience.

Hirevue is a pre-employment testing and video interviewing platform. Their video Interviewing software aims to increase your team’s productivity, enable better outcomes, and create a great candidate experience.

Calendly is an AI-powered solution used to identify suitable interview slots. The tool specializes in productivity, scheduling, efficiency, and lead conversion through the use of real-time emotional analytics.

X.AI helps tackle the administrative hassle of scheduling interviews with the aid of machine learning. The tool connects with all your calendars and coordinates the best time to meet with your candidates.

Talocity is an AI-based one-way video interviewing platform. The engine sends an SMS, email, and IVR to the candidate with a video job description link. The candidate clicks on the link to watch the video JD, and if they like the company, they apply through a one-way video interview. The employer presents the questions for the interview which are available in 39 different languages.

PAÑÑÃ is a platform that, among other things, enables companies to create a live face-to-face video interview or schedule a candidate-only interview. It has pre-built questions and AI technology filters out fabricated applicants from authentic, experienced candidates. At any time, you can review the digitally recorded interviews, compare applicant socre rankings and set up new or next stage interviews.

AI-driven Tools for the Offer and Onboarding Process


When it comes to offering and onboarding, one of the main objectives is to keep the process as smooth as possible and to provide new hires a great experience. After all, first impressions last!

Enboarder is an experience-driven onboarding platform that transforms employee onboarding into an ongoing, rich, and consistent experience, at scale. It provides all the tools necessary for organizations to maximize employee engagement through machine learning.

Talmundo specializes in keeping new employees engaged once they are recruited. It gives them a 360-degree view of the organization and the chance to introduce themselves through the use of chatbots. It helps organizations in building a great pre-boarding & onboarding experience for employees.

Appical brings the essence of your organization straight into the heart of your new employee, as they put it nicely. Their software uses a unique blend of technology, knowledge, and experience to create a tailored onboarding experience for every organization.


Before you go, there are two main things to takeaway from this article. The first one is that as useful as these AI-driven tools might be, they remain exactly that: tools. This means that they’re only a support for the people who work with them, not a replacement. Secondly, this list is by no means exhaustive, if you use a different tool feel free to share it with us in the comments so we can take it into account for future updates of this article.

If you want to learn more about optimizing your Talent Acquisition process, recruitment data, metrics, and recruitment analytics, make sure to check out our Talent Acquisition Certification Program.

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