Looking to the Future: AIHR Partners with NVP to Provide World-Class HR Training

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Looking to the Future: AIHR Partners with NVP to Provide World-Class HR Training

What challenges await HR professionals in the future of work? To celebrate the launch of AIHR’s partnership with the Netwerk voor HR-Professionals (NVP), Erik van Vulpen (Found of AIHR) talks with Lucas van Wees (Board member of WFPMA) to discuss the future of the HR profession around the globe.

The World Federation of People Management Association (WFPMA) is an organization representing more than 660,000 people management professionals in over 90 national personnel associations around the world. 

In this interview with Lucas, Erik shares AIHR’s vision of future-proofing the HR function by helping HR professionals build T-shaped competencies — which AIHR’s partnership with NVP is a part of. The Netwerk voor HR-Professionals (NVP) is the largest HR association in the Netherlands. It is part of the international network of sister associations through the European Association for People Management (EAPM). 

In partnering with the NVP, AIHR seeks to help HR professionals in the Netherlands increase their capabilities when it comes to skills such as business acumen, data literacy, digital dexterity, and people advocacy. These are the four core competencies that every HR professional needs in order to succeed. AIHR also looks to equip Dutch HR professionals with skills pertaining to specialized HR topics such as People Analytics, DEIB, and Organizational Development. Together, these core competencies and specialized skills form the T-shaped HR professionals. 

In this interview, Erik and Lucas also discuss: 

  • The future of HR: competencies HR professionals need to thrive 
  • How HR can utilize data to find new answers to future issues 
  • AIHR’s role in helping HR solve current and future challenges 

Watch the full interview to discover where the HR profession is headed and some of the challenges HR will face on a global scale. 

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