Taking L&D Strategy to the Next Level

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In this video, Alex Tosovic, L&D Expert and Head of Product at the Academy to Innovate HR, speaks with HRchat about how companies can shift their L&D strategy to one that’s ‘fully digital.’

Alex explains how this shift can help close the growing skills gap that many organizations face.

Alex has worked in various L&D roles, and he has a passion for digital learning and how it can be used to help behavioral change through experiential learning.

In this podcast, Alex discusses:

  • What skills should L&D prioritize
  • In-person learning experience vs. e-learning
  • E-learning challenges and solutions
  • The role of technology in L&D strategy
  • How to sustain a learning culture

Tune in and find out why L&D is a strong strategic partner to the business rather than just a supporting figure.

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