How a Soccer Player Hired Data Scientists for Contract Negotiations

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Kevin De Bruyne secured a 4-year contract and got a 30% pay hike by leveraging data analytics. What can HR learn from this? In today’s talk, Erik van Vulpen shares De Bruyne’s story and what we in HR can learn from it!

Kevin De Bruyne, a Belgian midfielder playing for Manchester City, worked with FC analytics, a data analytics company to renegotiate his salary. Based on the outcome, it appears he was able to make a convincing, data-driven case.

This is a unique example of how compensation analytics could play out. How would you as an HR professional handle an employee who comes to you with hard data on their performance? And if you turn this around, how can we in HR start to quantify performance and compensation in a more objective and data-driven way? We all know that we can’t rely on the traditional, annual performance cycle anymore. Different data points, continuous feedback, and new tools like social network analysis promise to provide a completer and more comprehensive picture. This will likely impact how we conduct compensation discussions.

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