How to Implement an HRIS in 6 Steps

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How to Implement an HRIS in 6 Steps

AIHR Learning Bite: How to Implement an HRIS in 6 Steps

In today’s Learning Bite, you’ll learn how to implement a Human Resource Information System in 6 steps. If you’re not entirely familiar with what HRIS is and what its functionalities and benefits are, I suggest you watch our previous Learning Bite, which you can find in the link down below. Now, back to our HRIS implementation, which can be summarized in the following steps:

  • The search phase
  • The planning and aligning phase
  • The defining and designing phase
  • The configuring and testing phase
  • The training and configuration phase
  • The deployment and sustainability phase

This Bite has provided you a high-level overview; however, for even more information, we recommend the Digital HR Certificate program, as this program provides much more information about software implementation. 

Find out more in our in-depth article on human resources information system.

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