Digital HR Online Mini-Course

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Start leveraging technology to make HR more effective and provide employees with the tools to be happy and successful at their job. Get a taste for the topic with this online mini-course on Digital HR.

Digital HR Online Mini-Course

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Digital HR Online Mini-Course

Are you ready to get up to speed with everything Digital HR? Add to your ever-growing e-learning portfolio by signing up for this FREE Digital HR mini-course. You will receive one lesson per day for five days in a row. 

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  • The basics of Digital HR
  • Future-proofing your workforce 
  • Getting up-to-date with design thinking in HR 

The changing face of HR 

Digital HR is a process in which technologies are used to make HR more efficient, effective, and connected.

Among many other things, it enables HR to use data and analytics to increase business value, future-proof recruitment, improve employee experience, and be competitive in the war for talent. 

All you need to know about Digital HR

Are you curious to learn what Digital HR is all about? We have developed a mini-course consisting of five bite-sized lessons. All five lessons are part of our full Digital HR Certification Program! Here is what you will learn:

  • LESSON 1
    Why are we going digital?
  • LESSON 2
    Preparing the workforce for the future
  • LESSON 3
    Creating and implementing a digital HR strategy
  • LESSON 4
    Design Thinking: discovery
  • LESSON 5
    Cultivating a high-impact Employee Journey

Sign up today and grow your understanding of Digital HR in 5 daily, bite-sized lessons.

Digital HR Online Mini-Course

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Digital HR Online Mini-Course

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