Company Culture in a Nutshell

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Company Culture in a Nutshell

AIHR Learning Bite: Company Culture in a Nutshell

Company culture is best described as the personality of an organization. It’s what defines the environment in which people work and it includes various elements: a company’s values, ethics, goals, mission, work environment and of course its people.

Over the past years, company culture has become more and more important. 21st-century job seekers find it important to work for a company that has values and beliefs that are aligned with those of their own. But there are other reasons why company culture – and finding people who fit in your organizational culture – matters:

  1. Competitive advantage;
  2. Reduced turnover;
  3. Increased quality of hire & employee engagement;
  4. Increased productivity.

Find out more in our in-depth article on company culture.

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