Kelby Zorgdrager is CEO and Founder of DevelopIntelligence. He has held just about every position possible in the technology world, from tech support to CTO. During his last role as a CTO, Kelby quickly realized that there was a distinct need in software development training – blending real-world, project-oriented skills with hands-on, focused training. Since Kelby started DevelopIntelligence, he and his team have been applying their vast software development experiences to create world-class learning solutions within tech companies.

Reasons to invest in professional development

7 Reasons Why you Should Invest in the Professional Development of Employees

When the financial crisis started in 2008, a lot of accountancy firms either stopped or slowed-down hiring new accountancy student. These students normally started working at these firms while doing their university studies. The reason was simple: “we have too many people on our payroll, so why would we invest in the development of new…