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    R studio (free)

Data Science in R

Predictive modeling is often considered the ‘Holy Grail’ in People Analytics. Very few people have the skills to build such predictive models. The Data Science in R course is here to help you develop exactly these skills.

As a data scientist within HR, you’ll dive deeper into your people data to find answers to relevant analytics questions. This course teaches you R’s fundamental data visualization techniques including themes and data layering using ggplot2. You will also learn to analyze, explain, and predict various popular HR Analytics topics, such as employee turnover.

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Start explaining and predicting

Combine HR analytics with R and develop both essential data manipulation and visualization techniques as well as more technically advanced methods including basic predictive analytics. We show you step-by-step how to apply these methods in today’s critical topics including engagement, turnover, and talent management.

Learning objectives

      Learn about available data analysis tools, considerations for selecting the right one for the job, and why R is the top choice for propelling your analytics and your career.
      Learn about the range of possible HR data sources and master the essential data cleaning, manipulation, and aggregation techniques.
      Learn the fundamental data exploration methods and statistical concepts you need for a solid HR analytics foundation.
      Learn to analyze, explain, and predict employee turnover in R.
      Learn R’s fundamental data visualization techniques including themes and data layering using ggplot2, the world’s premier data visualization package.
      Learn key talent acquisition and management metrics you can apply in your HR analytics practice today using your new suite of R skills.

See course outline

MODULE 1: Basic Tools and Data Sources

MODULE 2: Basic Statistics in R

MODULE 3: Analyzing Employee Turnover

MODULE 4: Analyzing Engagement

MODULE 5: Date Visualization in R

MODULE 6: Advanced Analytics


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Data Science in R


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    Data Science in R
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    Basic experience working in R. See FAQ for more information.
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Meet your instructor

profile picture John

John Lipinski completed his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Iowa, worked for three years as a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Neuro-informatics in Germany, and then at the U.S. Army Research Institute at Fort Benning, GA. He transitioned to the private sector where he now works as a data scientist in Human Capital/ HR Analytics and specializes in rigorous descriptive statistics, leading-edge predictive analytics, machine learning, text analysis, and performance measurement. The best part of his work is breaking down the complicated stuff into digestible pieces to help others make better people decisions.

What is R?

R is the world’s premier programming language for analytics and data visualization. It is 100% free and open source with an incredible user community that is constantly adding to its library of free packages.

The power of R is applied every day at the world’s leading companies including Google, Facebook, Uber, and Microsoft.

What are the admissions requirements for this course?

To succeed in this course you should have at least a basic familiarity with R and have some experience working with data (e.g. Excel).

For example, you should have R and RStudio installed, be able to import basic databases into R, and be able to complete some basic operations on that data.

You do NOT need to be an R expert. Indeed, simply completing this course and working with the code we provide will dramatically extend your knowledge of R and analytics more generally.

Why is this course relevant today?

Learning the skills we teach you in this course will put you at the forefront of the HR Analytics movement.

Not only will you learn to master the technical skills required to handle critical data manipulation and visualization using R, but you will also learn more advanced statistical methods. You will even learn to build basic predictive models.

Ultimately, you will build an HR analytics toolkit and a mindset that is 100% transferable to the job you have today, and the job you deserve tomorrow.

What are the roadmap and resources library about?

The people analytics roadmap and resources library are powerful tools designed to help you build a people analytics function and run projects faster.

The roadmap is an instrument that guides you through every step of the people analytics journey. Each step includes dozens of curated and exclusive resources.


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