7-Step HR Upskilling Guide

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7-Step HR Upskilling Guide

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7-Step HR Upskilling Guide

87% of organizations are currently facing a skills gap, or will within 5 years. Does your HR team have the skills to remain relevant? If HR does not expand its capabilities, it will become obsolete and HR will never become the strategic business partner it needs to become.

To help you close the skills gap and equip your HR people with modern and relevant HR skills, we have created a 7-step approach to upskilling HR teams. Download the guide above and discover the 7 steps:

Understanding strategic HR priorities

Specifying learning objectives

Selecting target audiences

Developing learning journeys

Implementation & impact plan

Training delivery

Continuous learning, monitoring, and optimizing

7-Step HR Upskilling Guide

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7-Step HR Upskilling Guide

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