9 Tips To Make HR More Strategic In Its Approach

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9 Tips To Make HR More Strategic In Its Approach

What is one way that the HR function can become more strategic in its approach?

To help business owners implement more strategic HR tactics, we asked other HR strategists and business leaders this question for their best tips. From focusing on data to investing in automation, there are several strategies that may help you implement more strategic approaches to HR for years to come.  

Link company goals to HR practices
Invest in automation
Focus on data over hype
Expand opportunities for growth
Examine company needs
Keep solution at the forefront
Understand the business operations
Consider cybersecurity training
Advocate for employees’ needs

More Strategic HR

Link company goals to HR practices

For most HR professionals, getting a seat at the proverbial table is a great way to have a strategic impact on the company’s vision and achievement of goals. But, beyond those conversations, another way to bring more strategy into the day-to-day is by understanding every department and each role within.

From the HR vantage point, linking the company’s most important goals, likely revenue targets, to new and existing talent growth, retention, and employee development, makes that seat an invaluable partner in the business.

Jenn Christie

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Jenn Christie, Markitors

Invest in automation

Human Resources can be strategic by automating certain tasks that don’t require manual labor. You can invest in software and/or apps that offer services for HR automation, such as recruitment and mainly employee management. Automation will give HR personnel less workload and, at the same time, increase efficiency with a lesser chance of errors.

Joe Flanagan

Joe Flanagan, VelvetJobs

Focus on data over hype

Don’t overreact to popular headlines. For example, just because a general study says that women make 70% of their male counterparts doesn’t make it true at your company in like-for-like jobs.

Strategy stems from a thoughtful business case. Do your research, convert facts to insights, and present a plan that carries a clear ROI. Such strategic thinking will not only clarify your path, it also prevents you from taking the wrong road in the first place.

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Tim Toterhi

Tim Toterhi, Plotline Leadership

Expand opportunities for growth

Develop recruitment strategies to not only attract talent but also retain them for future years that will help drive down costs and increase value for your organization.

Take an active role in recruiting employees. This is how you’ll make sure they stay at your company long enough to grow their skillset and create more value than just what’s on paper. Offer periodic educational programs and promotion opportunities so that employees will have more reasons to stay with the company.

Altay Gursel

Altay Gursel, Metriculum

Examine company needs

The HR function can be more strategic in its approach by actually developing strategies to support the business function. Too often, someone will leave a position, and HR will be tasked with filling it. However, especially with the state of the job market right now, this may be a better time for HR to take a pause and strategically map out its workforce plan.

Maybe that role doesn’t need to be filled, or the job description needs to be updated before going to market. Can the responsibilities of that role be assigned to a new role that better meets business goals? Also, is the interview process one that works to find the best person for the role? HR should develop a new and updated strategy to meet the demands of the job market and changing nature of the business.

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Eric Mochnacz

Eric Mochnacz, Red Clover

Keep solution at the forefront

Don’t wait to be asked. HR professionals are in a unique position to see the whole picture. Come to management with solutions that are aligned with their vision of strategy – and then be the leader who takes charge and implements the new initiative. Keep your eye on what drives your business forward, and then align every HR program with that goal.

Lori Kleiman

Lori Kleiman, HR Topics

Understand the business operations

Strategic plans involve risk. Unless you understand how the business operates, you will not be able to gain the trust of the operational leadership and teams, nor will you be able to develop an effective HR strategic plan that supports the overall strategic plan.

As an HR professional, your goal is to be a trusted advisor. You need to understand your “customer’s” pain, help them find a way through the pain (that’s compliant but also accomplishes what they need to accomplish), and help the overall organization be successful. Be daring in your approach–find a way, through the risk, that works for everyone. When you demonstrate your ability to do that, you will be priceless to your organization!

Karen Young

Karen Young, HR Resolutions

Consider cybersecurity training

Certain departments are more prone to cyber-attacks than others. Human Resources departments and professionals need to be extra careful of how their employee data and activities stay secure and protected. With remote work being more common, Human Resources requires more safeguards than most.

Education is the most powerful tool when it comes to protection, and HR should consider prioritizing information security awareness training to increase cybersecurity hygiene.

Nick Santora

Nick Santora, Curricula

Advocate for employees’ needs

HR can be more strategic in its approach by advocating for employees’ needs. If lack of support or access to resources is the main concern for employees, be a resource by simply listening and addressing their concerns. In our case, we work with teachers. Whether it is fundraising or meeting with local officials, it is important to advocate for their needs, as their primary goal is to provide students with a quality education – which should be a goal that resonates with everyone!

Jeanne Kolpek

Jeanne Kolpek, Cadence Education

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