Introduction to HR Analytics [WEBINAR]

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HR analytics is revolutionizing Human Resource Management. Get access to our FREE webinar replay to find out more about what it is and how you can leverage it to your advantage.

Introduction to HR Analytics [WEBINAR]

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Introduction to HR Analytics [WEBINAR]

The role of data in HR has grown substantially in the past decade, but do we really know what it is about? 

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Changing HR through HR analytics 

HR often has a certain reputation. They are regarded as soft. Fluffy-duddy. Old-fashioned. A lot of the work in HR is based on ‘gut feeling’. HR struggles to quantify and measure its success, as marketing and finance do.

HR analytics changes all of this. A lot of the challenges we just described can be resolved by becoming more data-driven and analytical savvy. 

HR analytics enable HR to: 

  • Make better decisions using data
  • Create a business case for HR interventions
  • Test the effectiveness of these interventions
  • Move from an operational partner to a tactical, or even strategic partner

Introducing HR analytics 

As an HR professional, you want to play a strategic role, making it vital to know how to leverage people-data to drive better outcomes for your business and employees. During this 20-minute webinar, AIHR Founder Erik will give an introduction to HR analytics and share some inspiring HR analytics success stories with you.

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Here are some of the things Erik will touch upon: 

  • What is HR Analytics
  • How we can use data in HR to make better decisions
  • Examples of HR Analytics applied to L&D, Employee turnover, and engagement
  • The HR Analytics process

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Introduction to HR Analytics [WEBINAR]

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Introduction to HR Analytics [WEBINAR]

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