Erik van Vulpen is the founder and Dean of AIHR. He is an expert in shaping modern HR practices by bringing technological innovations into the HR context. He receives global recognition as an HR thought leader and regularly speaks on topics like People Analytics, Digital HR, and the Future of Work.

Job Shadowing Program Featured Image

How to Make a Job Shadowing Program a Success at Your Organization

Continuous learning leads to continuous growth and improvement. Job shadowing is one of the most effective on-the-job learning methods. Organizations that implement a job shadowing program have the opportunity to upskill their employees, improve their processes, and innovate. So, what exactly is job shadowing, and how can your organization implement an effective job shadowing program…

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10 Employee Engagement Metrics to Track at Your Organization

Employee engagement metrics are increasing in importance as ways of working become more complex and remote. These metrics are a vital indicator of employees’ level of connectedness and motivation. It goes without saying, but an engaged employee is more productive, contributes towards the company vision more purposefully, and has higher levels of commitment.  Employee engagement…

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How to Calculate Productivity: An HR’s Guide

Organizations today are facing the question of how to accurately measure productivity, particularly as the world becomes more and more remote. Furthermore, the question of measuring productivity has moved beyond measuring a simple ‘output.’ It is nuanced, taking into account external and internal factors and the organization’s needs at a particular given point. Organizations and…