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Enable your team with on-demand access to the most comprehensive curriculum of hands-on online HR training.
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If you’re interested in enrolling more than 25 people, please get in touch with us.


  • 11 Certificate programs (for each user)
  • New courses every month
  • Real-world projects & case studies
  • HR Community & live events
  • Competency assessments
  • Dedicated Learning Consultant (minimum 6 seats)
  • Team reporting & analytics (minimum 6 seats)
Why upskill with AIHR?

Build your HR dream team

Driving business impact requires data-driven, tech-savvy, and business-oriented people. But 79% of HR professionals don’t
have the right skills.

Accelerate HR success by upskilling your team with modern & relevant HR skills. Companies using AIHR achieve completion rates 4X higher than traditional training.

What’s included with a team license?

Full AIHR curriculum

Unlimited access to all online certificate programs and courses. Including new content every month!

Hands-on learning

Our tell-show-do-apply methodology makes for the most engaging and hands-on learning experience possible.

Community & events

Join discussions and (live) events with 15,000+ talented and ambitious HR professionals.

Premium support

Your dedicated Learning Consultant is here to help your team succeed. You can also monitor their progress with team reporting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does each user get access to all programs?

Yes! Each user will have unlimited access to the full AIHR curriculum of certificate programs and courses. They will have the same benefits as they would get with an individual license.

Can I get a formal price quote?

If you first need to get internal approval, you can easily request a price quote by filling out this form.

What payment methods are available?

Credit card is the primary payment method for team licenses. Depending on your specific currency we accept a wide range of cards through our payment provider Stripe.

If the amount exceeds your (company) card limit, a direct bank transfer can be requested. Please note that this will significantly delay the activation of the license as International bank transfers take up to 7 days to arrive.

Click here to request a direct bank transfer payment

What kind of support will my team get?

Your team license comes with three levels of support:

  • A customer success manager (CSM), to help you drive adoption and business impact.
  • Personal coaches for each user, to help them create learning journeys and provide accountability.
  • The AIHR community with 15,000+ HR Professionals and our subject matter experts.

It is your CSM’s goal to make you and your team succeed and achieve the learning goals that you set. Upon your request, they will schedule a kick-off session with you and your team.

On top of the CSM and Personal Coach, the community is a great place to get feedback and input on the real-world HR challenges you are facing.

How do I enroll more than 25 people?

Please schedule a discovery call with one of our learning consultants or request a price quote.

Can I add more users later?

Yes. At any point, you can expand your license with extra users. Simply contact your customer success manager to request the upgrade. Or contact our excellent support team via [email protected].

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