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HR Competency Model Template

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Creating an HR competency model is one of the first crucial steps towards upskilling your HR organization. No clue where to start? We have created a template that will help you create your own competency model for Human Resources. Feel free to use our template in any way that will make your job easier.

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The HR competency model

The human resources (HR) competency model helps you define key competencies per HR function, COE, or other clusters of HR people with comparable learning needs. The template is designed to help organizations define key competencies per HR function and structure upskilling projects towards developing the defined competencies.

Core HR and function-specific competencies

The template is structured to list both core human resources and function-specific competencies. Core HR competencies are those essential competencies that everyone in your HR population needs to master. Function-specific competencies only apply to certain smaller and specific clusters of HR people.

How the template works

The template is primarily designed to provide an easy-to-use structure to create a (first draft of) an HR competency model for your organization. To help you get going we have pre-filled some common HR competencies as placeholders. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. In order to edit the document, you will have to create a copy of it in your own Google Drive or download it as an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Update and add HR competencies in the orange boxes (column C) of the ‘competencies’ tab.
  3. Optional: define the different proficiency levels within each competency.
  4. List the different functions or COEs of your HR organization in row 9.
  5. Define function-specific competencies in the orange cells below each function.

Curious to see some examples of how other organizations have deployed this template? Or simply want some guidance creating your model? Schedule a free discovery call with one of our experts.

HR Competency Model Template

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HR Competency Model Template

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