Digital HR Case Study Collection

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Curious how organizations in different fields leverage digital HR? Get inspired by downloading the Digital HR case study collection (pdf) below.

Digital HR Case Study Collection

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Get access to some of the best Digital HR case studies we’ve come across in the past two years. Each one connected to a specific business imperative.

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  • 8 organizations that really get digital HR and make the most of it
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The emerging field of Digital HR

Digital HR is a hot topic in HR and it’s transforming Human Resources as we speak. Among many other things, it enables HR to use data and analytics to increase business value, future-proof recruitment, improve employee experience, and be competitive in the war for talent. 

8 Digital HR Case Studies with Business Impact

Here’s the thing: Being an emerging field means that it can sometimes be difficult to come up with any concrete and practical examples of it on the spot.

However, with our case study collection, that is no long the case. Let’s find out how these 8 companies leveraged Digital HR to their advantage.

    Using chatbots to create the best possible candidate experience
  • ATOS
    A strategy focused on transformation
    Making learning all fun and games
    Making Digital HR a reality
    From benefits administration to benefits communication
  • KPMG
    Starting the employee journey right after the signature
  • LSAD
    Reinventing outdated processes
    Automation as a way to more meaningful work

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Digital HR Case Study Collection

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Digital HR Case Study Collection

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