How Career Pathing can Help You Win Talent and Boost Engagement

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AIHR Learning Bite: How Career Pathing can Help You Win Talent and Boost Engagement

21st-century employees expect more from their employer than a satisfying paycheck. They want the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Career pathing gives people valuable insights into their career advancement possibilities and the various paths that can lead them there. 

Career pathing tools can help organizations prepare for the future. They provide a clear overview of the skills and competencies of their current employees and help them identify who is best suited for what. Mapping out your workforce also enables you to detect when – and where – you may need to bring in new people to fill in the gaps left behind by (retiring) employees who left the company.

Offering your employees career training and development is something that can make a big difference: it would, for example, keep as much as 86% of millennials from leaving their current position.

That being said, in this learning bite, we touch upon several benefits of career mapping:

  • Employee engagement
  • Employee retention
  • Succession planning

There are several other benefits of career mapping, varying from a positive effect on your employer brand and increased productivity to happier employees and a lower absenteeism rate.

Find out more in our in-depth article on career pathing.

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