HR Analytics for HR Business Partners

Shape a data-driven HR culture through data literacy training

Shaping a culture of data-driven HR massively boosts the impact of people analytics projects and ensures fact-based decision-making throughout the organization.

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HR Business Partners are crucial ‘translators’ to ensure that data-driven insights translate into impact throughout the organization.

HR Business partners as HR Analytics Translators

We help organizations create a culture of data-driven HR by training HR Business Partners in the use of data in their daily routines and meetings with business managers. By developing basic data literacy amongst HR Business Partners we prepare them to be translators for analytics projects and ensure impact throughout the organization.

Bridge the gap

HR Analytics Translators bridge the gap between the HR analytics team and the business by ensuring that data-driven insights generated by the team translate into impact throughout the organization.

Boost the business impact of analytics projects

HR Analytics is about using data to drive better outcomes for the business and employees. That’s why making impact with an HR Analytics project requires more than just excellent data analytics skills.

Improve the quality and reliability of your data

By fostering a data-driven culture in HR, you improve data practices. This makes the data entered into your HR systems more consistent and reliable.
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At the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), we help corporate HR professionals develop the latest digital skills. By collaborating with leading practitioners and accreditation partners we ensure the hands-on nature and practical applicability of our training programs

Flexible learning for corporate HR

Self-paced online learning to learn anywhere, anytime
Globally accredited programs
Real-world projects + case studies
Integrate with your local LMS
Management dashboard and implementation support

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What is the training like?

The HR Analytics for Business Partner training is specifically designed to be practical and highly engaging. The course consists of video lessons, quizzes and practical assignment. See for yourself what it’s like; the video lessons below are from the actual course or request a full demo.

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