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Start closing the skills gap and assemble high-performing HR teams with personalized HR learning at scale.

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Building Competence

Building an HR Capability Academy is not about learning. It’s about boosting the capabilities of your people and driving behavior change in the moments that matter.

Our Tell-Show-Do-Apply learning methodology is designed to drive this by helping your people develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience.

The HR Capability Academy is a one-stop-shop solution to offer a personalized and relevant learning experience for your entire HR population.

Closing the skills gap

87% of organizations are facing a skills gap or will within 5 years. Future-proof your HR organization by closing the skills gap in an empirical and data-driven way.

Upskill & reskill

54% of HR employees need to be reskilled to meet the needs of the changing workforce.

Digital transformation and a new future of work require HR professionals to develop totally new skill sets. Upskilling your existing people is the most effective way to future-proof your HR practices and your organization.

Capability-driven approach

The development of an HR capability academy starts by defining the relevant capabilities, identifying any skills gaps, and creating a competency framework tailored to your organization.

The HR Competency Navigator process ensures that the strategy and academy are aligned.

Personalized learning at scale

One-size-fits-all doesn’t exist when it comes to learning. Especially in HR where there’s such a wide range of functional specializations.

With an HR Capability Academy you enable your people to reach their full potential by offering personalized learning paths at scale.

Continuous career development

81% of HR professionals believe that learning should be continuous.

With AIHR’s ever-expanding curriculum, there is never a shortage of learning opportunities and your people will be enabled to keep up with changing capability requirements over time.

Building your HR Academy

The process of building an HR Academy starts by getting an understanding of the people strategy, HR operating model, and priorities. This information is translated into a customized HR competency framework and personalized learning journeys for each HR persona. Assessments are optionally used to identify critical skills gaps.


Data collection


Skills gap analysis


Competency framework


Learning journeys


Set your team up for success

At the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), we help organizations transform their HR capabilities by equipping their HR team(s) with the modern and relevant skills in areas such as People Analytics, Digital HR, Business Partnering, and Employee Experience.

Real-world projects

Learn to apply knowledge, gain experience, and practice skills by working on real-world projects.

Personalized journeys

Each member gets their own personalized learning paths based on their current skill level and functional specialization.

Resources library

The AIHR resource library contains hundreds of advisory-grade templates and playbooks that provide on-the-job support

Live events

Keep up to date with the latest information and trends through exclusive bi-weekly events with leading subject matter experts.

Exclusive community

Join discussions, share best practices, and get the latest insights from ambitious peers across the world.

Pre & post-assessments

Identify development opportunities, get feedback, and track learning progress over time with pre and post-assessments.

Integration & Reporting

Integrate AIHR with your existing learning solutions through SSO and get detailed insights on adoption, progress, and usage.

Learning Consulting

A fully guided implementation process, kick-off session, and (optional) workshops by expert Learning Consultants.

Blended learning

Add a blended learning component with the optional live facilitated sessions centered around core HR skills.

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