Template: HR Audit for People Processes

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Get in control of your HR performance and processes, and make sure you're focusing on what matters most.

Template: HR Audit for People Processes

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Template: HR Audit for People Processes

98% of HR professionals are burned out and it’s no surprise.

This data from Forbes might seem shocking — unless you work in HR, of course.

Employee expectations have shifted dramatically in a few years, completely changing the face of business in general and HR in particular. The pressure has never been higher for HR professionals. 

And this is especially true for HR generalists who have to overcome a wide range of challenges.

A historic talent shortage

In March 2022, a record breaking 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs. This marked the 10th consecutive month of 4+ million resignations. March also saw 11.5 million active vacancies, and 6.7 million people hired. 

A looming skills gap

87% of companies are already facing skills gaps, or expect to within 5 years. Today’s “unprecedented times” mean workers need new skills to stay effective, and this isn’t going to change any time soon. 

An unprecedented focus on EX

Employees who feel their (digital and physical) workspace allows them to be more productive report a 92% engagement rate — and this plummets to 23% among those who don’t. And focusing all your efforts on physical workspaces isn’t an option either, with 35% of employees saying they are more likely to look for a new job if forced to work in the office full-time.

The way forward for busy HR generalists

As no two organizations are the same, there is no one way for HR generalists to successfully navigate these extremely challenging times. While one organization might already have excellent L&D programs in place, another might need to make learning & development improvements its top HR priority.

But how can you determine the best way forward for your organization? How do you take the multitude of pressing issues and create a structured plan of action tailored to your unique needs?

You start with an HR audit.

This downloadable guide explains how you can conduct an HR audit for your people processes, and includes a grab-and-go HR audit template so that you can get straight to work. You will also learn how to use the audit outcomes as the basis for a structured project plan, including KPIs to help you stay on track.

Fill out the form to download your HR audit guide & template and make sure you’re focusing on what really matters.

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Template: HR Audit for People Processes

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Template: HR Audit for People Processes

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