Making the Move From Finance to Analytics

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Making the Move From Finance to Analytics

No matter how long you have been on your career path, you can always make a change — especially if that change is driven by a passion and supported by expert training. Read on to find out how and why Florent Maire made the switch to HR after 10 years in the financial industry.

A passion for people development

During his time in the financial sector, Florent held various senior management positions at JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, and Credit Agricole. And it was this experience that awakened his interest in HR.

“I developed a passion for people development through my job exposure as a manager: talent acquisition, engagement, retention, and so on,” explains Florent. But he didn’t want a general HR role.

He wanted to launch a career as an HR Analyst.

“I had an interest in and some knowledge of analytics and statistics,” says Florent.

“I have always been intrigued by maximizing business efficiency with the optimization of the Human Capital element. I believe that that is what HR Analytics is all about.”

Detailed and pragmatic methodology

To back up his passion with a solid foundation of expertise and knowledge, Florent signed up for the AIHR Academy.

“I decided to enroll in both the Strategic HR Metrics and HR Analytics Leader courses,” says Florent. They turned out to be a great fit for his ambitions.

“Strategic HR Metrics introduced me to some key concepts, strategic positioning, and the HR value chain. The HR Analytics Leader course provided a detailed and pragmatic methodology to set up HR Analytics function in your company.”

But it wasn’t just the courses themselves that helped Florent. “I also enjoyed the bonus videos available within the HR Analytics Leader course from key influencers and practitioners in the People Analytics field.”

A successful career in HR Analytics

After Florent enrolled, things started to move quickly, and it wasn’t long before he landed a job as an HR Analytics Specialist at Societe Generale, before becoming an HR Project and Process Manager at the same organization.

Florent’s story is a blueprint for anyone looking to make a career switch. He demonstrates that you can launch a successful career in the exciting field of HR analytics with enough determination — and the right training, of course. In Florent’s own words:

“Whether you are from HR and want to be part of an HR Analytics journey, or not from an HR background and eager to develop personally and/or professionally in this strategic field of HR, I believe the HR Analytics Lead course will provide you with the flexibility and Tools to reach your objectives.”
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– Florent
HR Project Manager and Process at Societe Generale

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