Making an Impact with HR Analytics

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Making an Impact with HR Analytics

When he started with HR Analytics, Daniel Torres, had over ten years of experience in various fields within the job market. He had worked in marketing, sales, finance, and last but not least, five years in HR.

From gut feeling to data

Daniel had worked in marketing, sales and finance before making the move to HR. And it didn’t take long for him to notice a certain something about his new field.

“When I got into HR I realized that even though there were metrics and KPIs, most people still tried to make decisions based on emotions,” says Daniel. “It was a gut-based kind of decision-making.” It was a major change from his previous roles, where a data-driven approach is much more common. Daniel soon realized the necessity of implementing analytics in HR.

Applying business expertise to HR

Daniel’s diverse experience helped him get started. “I started putting into action some things that I had learned previously in marketing and finance,” he explains. “It was very data-based, so that’s why I got into HR Analytics: first into HR Metrics, and then data-driven decision-making. And that’s how I started my path in HR Analytics.” 

To drive more fact-based and effective decision-making in his organization, Daniel chose to become a People Analytics specialist.

Strategic and self-paced

It was while he was researching HR metrics that Daniel found the Academy to innovate HR. AIHR provided exactly the foundation Daniel wanted. 

“I really liked the fact that there was a certificate dedicated specifically to People Analytics,” says Daniel. “I believe this topic better equips us, the 21st century practitioners, to use tools and successfully navigate away from gut- and emotion-based decision-making toward data-based decision making.”

“I liked the curriculum of the HR Analytics Leader course, which was the first one that I completed,” says Daniel. “It was very strategic and well thought through. Since my career started in business, I really liked the emphasis on the business aspect of it all: it starts with asking the right business question.” 

The course structure and methodology were also a good fit: “I liked that it was very strategic, hands-on, and 100% online, because I was able to complete it at my own pace, and go back if I needed to.”

Building a career

There’s no doubt that the HR Analytics Leader course was the right fit for Daniel. “This course really met my expectations,” he says. “I believe that the HR Analytics Leader course sets very clear guidelines and roadmaps for leading a People Analytics team, or for working as a senior professional in a People Analytics team — or, as in my case, working in a market that is still just starting.

“Personally, I needed something that could help me build a career from scratch, and this course was a great start for me.”

Better business outcomes

Daniel’s foresight and ambition have been crucial in bringing about a cultural transformation in his organization. It didn’t take long for him to see the immense impact that a data-driven mindset and a structured approach to people management could have on his organization, and he made it his mission to implement data-driven practices in his HR department. These practices resulted in better business outcomes and earned him a more strategic standing within his team. 

“I am currently working at Ecuador’s second-largest bank, which has around 3,500 people. In the project I’m involved in, I get to use the plan and roadmap provided in the course, which was accepted by the HR manager. I plan to continue implementing it.

“I’ve already started with the first quick win, using Power BI. It was really nice to see the things that I learned in the course coming to life and gaining acceptance.”

In-demand HR skills

In large organizations, HR Analytics is quickly becoming a necessity. Daniel’s experience just goes to show how much of an impact one person can make simply by expanding their own skill set.

HR Analytics skills are very high demand, but they are also in short supply — and the opportunities for professional growth they are afford are simply incredible. Very driven by the impact he’s made in his organization, Daniel plans to further expand his skill set in HR analytics and tackle more advanced projects.

“My next step is to continue with People Analytics not only with descriptive statistics, but starting to go more in-depth and do some projects with more predictive analytics.”

Since speaking to AIHR, Daniel has moved into a Senior Compensation Analyst role with Parker Hannifin.

“I really liked the fact that there was a certificate dedicated specifically to People Analytics. I believe that this topic better equips us, the 21st-century practitioners, to use tools and successfully navigate away from gut- and emotion-based decision-making area towards a data-based decision-making area.”
Daniel Torres
– Daniel
Senior Compensation Analyst at Parker Hannifin

If Daniel’s story inspired you and you’d like to connect with him, you can find his details here.

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