Report: The State of HR Upskilling 2023

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The unprecedented pressure on people professionals isn't an HR problem. It's a business problem.

Report: The State of HR Upskilling 2023

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Report: The State of HR Upskilling 2023

79% of HR Professionals aren’t equipped to solve the challenges you will face in the next 5 years. Get key insights into why HR is facing a critical skills gap and how leaders can get the ROI on learning that the business needs.

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The skills gap impacting the entire organization

79% of HR Professionals don’t have the competencies required to tackle the people challenges you’ll face over the next 5 years. If leaders don’t take action, the HR skills gap will become a critical blocker for EX — at a time when it’s never been more important.

The good news is that the majority of HR Professionals are willing to upskill. However, bridging the HR skills gap takes more than a motivated workforce.

Critical success factors for L&D

Encouraging your HR team to enroll in courses and coaching isn’t enough. As L&D budgets come under pressure in the face of the economic downturn. it’s more important than ever to understand the critical success factors that determine the ROI of L&D investments.

Download your copy of The State of HR Upskilling Report and get briefed on the key considerations for leaders looking to bridge the HR skills gap.

Report: The State of HR Upskilling 2023

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Report: The State of HR Upskilling 2023

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