Template: HR OKR Tracker & Examples

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Template: HR OKR Tracker & Examples

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Template: HR OKR Tracker & Examples

The HR OKR template is designed for HR leaders to clearly communicate HR’s strategic objectives and track progress towards goals.

Developing HR OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) helps you prioritize the initiatives that align with the broader organizational strategy and take a data-driven approach to assessing your results. With this template, it’s easier to:

  • Stay focused on your most important objectives
  • Connect initiatives to strategic priorities
  • Get at-a-glance insight into performance and progress

Don’t leave hitting your goals up to chance. Create a clear overview of your priorities and performance with this ready-to-use template.

How does the template work?

Enter your HR objectives and the corresponding key results. For each key result, enter your starting point, your goal, and the owner.

Update your key results each month, and the sheet will calculate your progress per key result, and for the objective as a whole.

HR OKR examples

Do you want to learn more about the HR OKR process and related best practices? The template includes clear information and examples to help you get started.

Why use the HR OKR Tracking template?

HR’s shift from administrative department to strategic partner has accelerated. This means that it’s more important than ever that HR leadership keeps their teams laser focused on the initiatives that matter most. This template helps you do just that with minimal administrative work.

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Template: HR OKR Tracker & Examples

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Template: HR OKR Tracker & Examples

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