HR OKR Playbook

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Keep your team laser-focused on the most important objectives and goals using this HR OKR Playbook.

HR OKR Playbook

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HR OKR Playbook

Are competing priorities putting your HR performance at risk? Take control of your results with this HR OKR template. 

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Focus on what matters 

Your HR department takes on more responsibility and projects every year. The problem is: there are often too many projects that need your attention. That means but prioritization is essential to making sure your team is focused on the initiatives that matter.

Developing HR OKRs is your answer to this challenge. With the right OKRs, your team will be able to identify priorities and focus on projects that will truly make a difference. 

The HR OKR template 

With this ready-to-use HR OKR template, you will be able to create a clear overview of your priorities and performance. The template also allows you to easily connect your HR goals with the strategic goals of your organization. This ensures that you can keep your team focused on projects that contribute to the success of your organization. 

Download your copy of the HR OKR playbook and start building OKRs to push your HR department to the next level.

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HR OKR Playbook

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HR OKR Playbook

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