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1. Your goals
2. Meet your Learning Consultant
3. Best practices
4. Invite your users
5. Create a learning path

Welcome to AIHR 🎉

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We’re absolutely thrilled that you have decided to join us at the Academy to Innovate HR.

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To help reach your goals and set you up for success we’ve created up an easy onboarding process for you.


Your goals


Meet your Learning Consultant

Welcome to AIHR! We’re very excited that you are embarking on your learning journey with us. My name is Nikola and I will be your personal Learning Consultant. I will be here for you to make sure you get maximum value from our programs. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].Anch Profile

Welcome to AIHR! We’re very excited that you are embarking on your learning journey with us. My name is Aby and I will be your personal Customer Success Manager. I’ll be here to guide you through your journey and ensure you get maximum value from our products. In case you want advise on how to implement our best practices (or anything else) feel free to plan a meeting with me. I will also reach out to you periodically to understand if you are still on track to achieve your learning goals.


Best practices

Our programs are self-paced learning and we always say this is both an advantage and disadvantage. To help you drive adoption and impact from our programs you can find our best practices on this page. Our best practices are structured according to different phases that we distinguish in the learning journey. Please feel free to use them as you see fit.


Invite your users

Looks like you have a custom order! We’ll have the team personally set up your license and invite you to our app.From here you can invite your colleagues as Members. You can also start learning immediately and manage your team at a later date.Need someone else Managing your team? Invite them as a ManagerMy Team


Learning path

We know you are eager to get started. In case you are not sure yet which program to start with please let the team spend 3 minutes to complete 5 to 8 questions and get each their own, personalized Learning Journey!


Alternatively, look at the syllabi below to see the learning objectives and content overview.

We advise to do one program at a time for an optimal learning experience.



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