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60 days
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AIHR is recognized by the SHRM and HRCI to offer recertification credits.
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Get access to all future certificate programs, tools, and content.
Measure and benchmark your skill level with confidence.
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Become a certified T-Shaped HR Pro and earn the TSHR designation.
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Join discussions and learn from thousands of talented and ambiitous HR Professionals
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Showcase your achievements and feature them on Linkedin.
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Ensure that you reach your goals and get the accountability that you need.
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Whether you’re just starting out, looking to get certified, or looking to advance your career in HR, the Academy to Innovate HR helps you build the skills you need faster.

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When does my new 12-month access period start?

Your current access duration will automatically reset to a fresh 12 months the moment you upgrade. You will get instant access to our full curriculum including all (existing + future) certificate program and courses.
We do not recommend waiting too long with upgrading because the upgrade option is available for a limited time only.

Which programs are included?

ALL of our – existing and future – online courses and certificate programs are included with the full access license. As long as your license is active you will automatically get access to every new program that we release.

What happens after my access period expires?

Today’s world of work requires us to continuously develop new skills and expertise to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment around us. This is why your membership will automatically renew after 12 months. You will be notified of this upcoming renewal in advance. Alternatively, you can cancel the automatic renewal right after upgrading today by sending an email to our amazing support team via [email protected]

Can I pay via bank transfer?

Yes! Simply contact our support team via and they’ll create an invoice for you.

Can I renew instead of upgrading?

No. Single program license are not eligible for renewal. Upgrading to Full Access is the best way to keep your membership active and enjoy all the benefits that AIHR has offer.

Different question? Please contact our excellent support team via [email protected].

Full Access
9 Certificate Programs
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