HR 2025 Competency Assessment

How T-shaped are you?

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Can I do the assessment with my entire HR team?

Yes! In fact, that’s exactly what the assessment has been designed for. If you’re looking to get an aggregate overview of the skills gap of your HR team, please get in touch with Cas van Andel via [email protected] or book some time on his calendar via this link.


Data-driven consists of two dimensions. Data literacy involves reading and applying data, metrics, and KPIs, and analytics translation is about translating analytics insights into actions.

The proficient performer continuously turns data into value-adding information through diagnostic analysis based on different data sources.

An example is a business partner who looks at both HR and business data prior to their one-on-one with a line manager to provide actionable recommendations and identify where HR can bring most value.

Click here to view the full HR 2025 Competency Framework.

Business Acumen

Business acumen refers to the ability to translate the organization’s purpose, mission, goals, and business context into strategy, positioning HR policies and activities to best serve the organization’s interests.

HR professionals who have business acumen understand the global context of work and the internal organizational dynamics. We call this process context interpretation. They understand the end customer and align HR policies with them to optimize delivered value. They are also co-creators of HR and business strategy.

Click here to view the full HR 2025 Competency Framework.

Digital Integration

It is the ability to leverage technology to increase efficiency and to drive HR and business value. Digital integration has three dimensions: technological awareness, technology embedding, and digital culture building.

Skilled digital integrators know the technology that is out there and embed relevant technology in the business to make existing processes more efficient and drive HR impact. They are also digital culture builders, both in HR and in the business. A digital culture emphasizes automation, smart working, and is more adaptable and able to integrate technology quicker.

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People’s advocate

People advocacy includes the dimensions that are more traditionally associated with HR, such as culture building, people practices, workplace champion, and communication expert.

A proficient professional is trusted by employees and managers, is able to build a high-performance organizational culture, spots conflicts and is able to resolve them, champions diversity and inclusion, and is able to do all of this effectively as they are a skilled communicator.

Click here to view the full HR 2025 Competency Framework.

How can I develop my core-HR competencies?

That’s easy! Anyone committed to their personal development can expand their knowledge and expertise across the four most essential HR competencies.

  1. Identify your skill gap
    With this assessment, you got an initial overview of your proficiency-level on each of the four core-HR competencies.
  2. Determine which competencies to develop
    In order to become proficient in each of the four competencies and call yourself a T-Shaped HR Professional, you should initially focus on developing the competencies on which you currently score less than 24 points.
  3. Start learning
    At the Academy to Innovate HR we have plenty of courses, that are designed to help you expand your skill set with essential and modern HR skills. You can sign up for individual HR certificate programs or get full access to all existing and upcoming courses for a total period of 18 months.

Not sure, which program to sign up for? Our admissions advisors are here to help. Simply book some time on their calendar.

How reliable are the results?

Even though we have spent a lot of time building and validating this assessment, it is still a pilot version. The more data we collect, the more reliable the scores will become. Now that you’ve filled out the assessment, we’ll make sure to keep you up-to-date on the further development.