People Analytics World 2021 | T-Shaped HR Assessment

How data-driven is your organization?

Take 5 minutes to complete the assessment

The most successful HR professionals in today's digital business environment have a T-shaped competency profile. T-shaped HR professionals are world-class specialists in (at least) one functional area of HR, on top of being proficient in four other essential HR competencies.

Think of a persona within your organization and take 5 minutes to assess if they are a driver of People Analytics adoption within your organization

This is an adaptation of the full HR 2025 Competency Assessment.


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Which persona are you analyzing?



To what extend do you agree with the following 8 statements?

The persona leverages descriptive data analysis to set targets, answer questions, and guide daily operations
The persona leverages scorecards to measure HR outcomes and business impact
This persona turns data into value-adding information based on the various available data sources in my organization
This persona connects their work with business outcomes through KPIs
This persona uses research and data analysis in their daily tasks
The persona leverages data analysis to make better day-to-day decisions
The persona drives the adoption of people analytics and the use of data in my HR department
This persona actively implements people analytics insights

Can I do an assessment over all four core competencies?

Yes! In fact, this assessment is an adaptation of this full HR 2025 Competency Assessment. The link to this assessment will be shared at the end of the presentation. To learn more, please get in contact with Cas van Andel via


Data-driven consists of two dimensions. Data literacy involves reading and applying data, metrics, and KPIs, and analytics translation is about translating analytics insights into actions.

The proficient performer continuously turns data into value-adding information through diagnostic analysis based on different data sources.

An example is a business partner who looks at both HR and business data prior to their one-on-one with a line manager to provide actionable recommendations and identify where HR can bring most value.

Click here to view the full HR 2025 Competency Framework.

How can I develop my core-HR competencies?

That’s easy! Anyone committed to their personal development can expand their knowledge and expertise across the four most essential HR competencies.

  1. Identify your skill gap
    With this assessment, you got an initial overview of your proficiency-level on each of the four core-HR competencies.
  2. Determine which competencies to develop
    In order to become proficient in each of the four competencies and call yourself a T-Shaped HR Professional, you should initially focus on developing the competencies on which you currently score less than 26 points.
  3. Start learning
    At the Academy to Innovate HR we have plenty of courses, that are designed to help you expand your skill set with essential and modern HR skills. You can sign up for individual HR certificate programs or get full access to all existing and upcoming courses for a total period of 18 months.

Not sure, which program to sign up for? Our admissions advisors are here to help. Simply book some time on their calendar.