Practitioners Community, Roadmap, and Resource Library

Powerful tools designed to help you succeed

By working together, we are able to solve problems faster and maximize our impact. That’s why as a part of our learning portal (2019), you will get access to a couple of unique tools. These tools are designed to increase the speed at which you are able to implement HR analytics and get results.

Practitioners Community

Fast-track your projects by tapping into the knowledge of your peers. The people analytics community is here to offer the support you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Connect, Share, and Learn
  • Collective intelligence
  • Collaborate with fellow practitioners
  • Exclusive content and inspiring conversations

Swap stories, experiences, and ideas. Solve problems together and find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day.

Roadmap & Resource Library

The people analytics roadmap and resource library are powerful tools aimed at helping you build your people analytics function and run projects faster.

It’s an instrument that guides you through every step of the people analytics journey. Each step includes dozens of curated content and exclusive resources that we have developed together with our corporate clients.

We are sharing these resources so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

For Who?

Starting in December 2018, these tools will be an integral part of our Academy Student Portal. This means that all students of the AIHR Academy will automatically gain access to the community, roadmap, and resources.

  • All AIHR Academy Students
  • HR Analytics Practitioners
  • NOT for vendors

If you are an HR Analytics Practitioner but not a student of the Academy access to the community and roadmap are available at a price of $300 for 12 months. Contact our support team to sign up.


What kind of resources can I expect?

The resources database is packed with both curated and exclusive resources. Upon the launch the community you will find at least 100 resources. We will be adding new valuable resources each month.

Resources are categorized in two ways. First, they are categorized according to the steps of the people analytics roadmap. Second, they are categorized per type:

  • Case Studies
  • Software & Tools
  • Research Papers
  • Assessments
  • Webinars & Videos

Do I need a separate account for this?

No. The community, roadmap, and resource library are all integrated into one platform which you can access with a single account (or log in using LinkedIn).

What is the difference with a LinkedIn group?

The platform that we have built for this community enables us to offer value that goes way beyond what any standard social media group will be able to offer.

We have built this platform so that it integrates seamlessly with our Academy courses and other features for creating exclusive content, deeper conversations, and sharing resources. Custom tools such as the roadmap and resource library are one of the examples of this.

I am not a student. How do I get access?

If you are an HR Analytics Practitioner but not a student of the Academy access to the community and roadmap are available at a price of $ 300.- for 12 months. Contact our support team to sign up.