HR Team Assessment

How T-Shaped are Your HR Teams?

T-Shaped HR Professionals are better problem solvers, more efficient at their job, better communicators, and have a more all-round skill set. Ultimately making them more impactful in creating business value. But how T-Shaped are the people in your HR teams?

Invite your HR team(s) today to get an aggregate overview of their competency profiles and identify potential skills gaps.

How does it work?

What’s the process?

  1. Download this template and fill the column with the contact details of your team members
  2. Upload the list via the form below
  3. Your team members will receive assessment invites within 2 working days
  4. Each member receives a personal report + benchmark scores
  5. We will present you with the aggregate report + team benchmark

Start inviting

I want to invite more than 50 people

You can currently still invite up to 50 people free of charge. If you want to collect insights from larger HR populations, please get in touch with Cas van Andel.

What do we get?

Upon completion of the assessment, each of your HR team members will receive a personal dashboard with their scores. On top of the initial dashboard, they will receive a full benchmark report per email, showcasing how they score compared to a global benchmark of 5,000+ HR Professionals.

After 70% of your people have completed the assessment we will be creating an aggregate report. This report will provide an overview of how your team(s) score across each of the four core-HR competencies and a benchmark with to our global sample data. The management dashboard also provides a clear overview of potentials skills gaps and which competencies are currently most widely mastered

How can I train my people to become T-Shaped?

Any HR Professional who is committed to their personal development and learning can expand their competency profile to become a T-shaped HR Professional. The Academy to innovate HR is the place to upskill your team with valuable HR skills and develop an allround competency profile.

  1. Complete the T-shaped HR assessment
    Find out to what extent your HR team(s) are proficient in the four core HR competencies that form the horizontal part of the T-shaped profile by inviting them to the assessment.
  2. Get a team license
    Give your team access to the largest curriculum of high-quality and specialized online HR training courses with an AIHR team license.
  3. Generate learning journeys
    After signing up for a team license, each person will automatically receive a personalized learning journey, ensuring that they will get the most relevant and impactful learning experience.

Download the full HR competency framework (pdf)

Each competency is a cluster of skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to become efficient at performing a specific job.

The full (pdf) version of the framework provides a detailed overview of all the underlying constructs, sub-dimensions, and various proficiency levels for each of the four core HR competencies.

Download framework


Upskill your people with world-class HR training

Start enabling your HR teams by giving them access to modern and relevant HR skills. Companies using AIHR, achieve completion rates 4X higher than traditional training.

Join 1,000+ companies who use AIHR to upskill their HR teams and develop T-shaped HR talents in-house. Book a free demo today or learn more about our enterprise solution.