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Measure HR’s business impact by collecting data-driven insights into the performance of HR and its respective functional domains.

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HR self assessment

To complete the 360 process and help you to identify potential blind spots, need to submit the HR self assessment.

Only one person from the HR team can complete the HR self assessment. We recommend that you as the initiating leader complete this step.

avg. time to complete: 10 minutes

HR Business satisfaction survey

Identify which HR functions drive the most business impact and get a pulse on the overall performance of HR over time.

Evaluating HR’s role in driving business success requires a 360 view of HR and all it’s respective functional domains from a business perspective.

Evaluating HR’s role in driving business success requires a 360 view of HR and all it’s respective functional domains from a business perspective.

The HR Business Satisfaction Survey has been developed to enable HR organizations to gain insight into the perceptions of effectiveness across the organization, the perceived impact that HR practices have on the organization, and what can be done to provide more value in the future.

By monitoring and showcasing progression over time, HR teams get a pulse on their effectiveness, and are enabled to adjust their approach when needed.

Start the HR Business Satisfaction Survey

HR Business Satisfaction Insights

The final deliverable of the HR Business Satisfaction Survey, is a report that provides across four main components:

  • Effectiveness of HR Business Partnering
  • Impact of HR practices per functional HR domain
  • Overall HR Satisfaction Index
  • Qualitative input for continuous improvement
  • Optional custom questions

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What questions will invitees be asked to answer?

The default instrument consists of 32 closed-ended question prompts to measure the effectiveness of the HR department.

Three open-input questions are used to collect qualitative feedback regarding areas for improvement. Additionally, you can customize the survey by adding up to 3 (open input) questions.

View the full list of standard items here

Who should I invite?

This instrument is designed to survey line managers only. Individual contributors should not be part of the sample group.

Invitees should include managers from various departments/teams/business units to ensure a representative sample of the business. More participants will improve the reliability of the reported metrics.

The instrument supports a maximum of 15 participants, with a minimum of 7.

What does the process look like?

Initiating the survey takes about 15 minutes.

  1. Fill in your details
  2. Optionally customize the survey by adding up to 3 extra open-input questions
  3. Enter the first name + email of the line managers you would like to participate
  4. Complete the HR self-assessment
  5. Invites will be sent out automatically
  6. Your AIHR representative will reach out to schedule a meeting when the data-collection process is complete

How often should we collect new data?

To track the progression of the business’ satisfaction with HR over time, we recommend repeating the survey every 6 or 12 months.

What type of insight will we get?

Does this work for my HR team and company?

The instrument is designed to ensure maximum effectiveness for a wide range of company sizes and is optimized explicitly for HR teams of 10 – 100 people.

Can we customize the survey?

Yes. You can customize the survey by adding up to 3 open-input questions to collect additional qualitative feedback on important topics for your team/business.

This is optional.

How long will the process take to complete?

From the moment you initiate the process (by completing the initial 4 steps at the top of this page), it will take 2 – 3 weeks to collect the data and prepare the report.

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